Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Canberra trip

We started off early on Saturday as I was super keen to make it to Shop Handmade. Of course I wanted to check out my stuff, but also all the other goodies that I have seen in photos over the last month. I LOVED the shop, it's so gorgeous, with sooooo many beautiful things. I was quite restrained and just bought two books, handmade chocolate, a pin cushion owl, and a little hat for my daughter but could have bought so much more if my budget had been a little higher. I also had a little chat with the lovely Julie (I was checking out all the goodies and she had a few customers).

After the shop we went on to Cockington Green to see all the little houses from around the world. We also went a couple of laps on the miniature train (freezing with the wind blowing). Then we headed to Parliament House and to my son's joy it was open. It started well when we had to be scanned as if we were getting on a plane to get in (children loved it). Found some gorgeous statues on the roof of Parliament House (two are ours and the other two belong to friends that came to Canberra with us) and an amazing view!

On Sunday it was time for Mathilda's Market (while hubby and daughter went to Questacon) and my son came with me and as always he was a great help and wonderful company. He insisted that I take a photo of the bathroom (at the Hyatt) as he thought it was bigger than our house, lol! Jennie's son (from Posie) took a photo of Jennie and I but I looked so terrible that I decided to use another one instead!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I so want to visit Handmade shop too:) It look gorgeous!