Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally done for the evening!

A couch full of finished dresses...

The cute dress...

Good night :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy day ahead!

Another day of cramming before the market tomorrow. The day started pretty much the same way that it ended late last night – lots of work! Last night was all about cutting and this morning was all about finishing bracelets and hairclips, as well as sewing. I usually sew when our children have gone to bed so it’s hard to get anything done during the day on a Saturday, as they want to do things! Fun things, crazy things, interesting things etc.

I am not sure how interesting I am today but I did take my daughter to her Jazz dance and here you can see her practicing in front of her mirror.

Yes, if you did pick up on it, her bed is too small for her. We have been trying to get it together and get her a single bed but that has not happened as yet. I have been eyeing this bed from Ivy’s room but what I really want is Ivy’s bookshelf! How adorable is it?

My newest Matryoshka/Babushka/Russian doll fabric from Kokka arrived yesterday, it’s just so cute. Hopefully I will have a cute dress to show you tonight. It will also end up in my shop. Check it out in the next day or so and if you want one, be quick, the last batch flew of the shelves!

Half finished dresses…

Finished hairclips and bracelets…

Ok, off to cram!!!!

(My husband has taken our children to look at horses!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Traffic and lions

Yesterday when I was sitting in traffic on my way to work, I was wondering what other people think about when they are caught in traffic. Do they get angry or annoyed or do they perhaps take advantage of the time and have a language CD in the car - repeating "jag vill ha en banan" - "I want a banana" in Swedish. I must admit, i mostly get annoyed. I have to be at work at 8am and if i am not, more often than not, i miss out on a parking spot.

Ok, I see on other people's blogs their fabulous creative spaces. I thought i'd share my not-so-fabulous space below. Pretty impressive, huh! Something to strive for don't you think?

On an unrelated note, have you ever been run over by a 7 year old child? I am not sure if it's something to boast about, but it happened to me yesterday. Let me tell you, they hit a lot harder than you think. If it wasn't for my friend coming to my rescue i would have landed flat on my face.

Before I sign off, I thought I'd share this picture of my daughter and her take on modelling. In case you need help interpreting it - she is a lion! Rawwr!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New kid on the block!

So this should be interesting. Will I get any followers of my brand new blog? The more important question is, will I keep anyone when I only post once a week?

I love stalking other bloggers but have had to have a little convincing about starting my own. When the blogs I follow don’t post for a few days I get withdrawal symptoms.

I always say that I am not a writer – I am a visual person, so don’t be surprised when my posts are mostly photos with a little line of text thrown in.

Ok, I am going to start this off on a high note. Most of you have probably already heard of Spoonflower but I still want to blog about them. How cool is it that you can just send off your designs and then in a few weeks make stuff with your own fabric?

Below is my first attempt. Even though we are inundated with Babushkas, I love them and wanted to have a few fresh faces out there. Some even made it on to my t-shirts for the market today.

I have more designs coming but I will show you when they are finished as I am not yet sure what they are going to look like, I keep changing patterns around daily.

Ok, signing off for today – hope to see you back again!