Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ursula the flying unicorn

My friend's sister has a brand new childrens' book out - Ursula the flying unicorn. It's aimed at children aged 3-8. As I am not a writer i'll let Carmel tell you what it's all about -

"Ursula The Flying Unicorn celebrates every child’s need to dream. It takes the child’s imagination into another world. Think of the fun it would be to have a pet that could help with cooking or gardening and can fly you to any place you like by riding on her magical wings.

Children can easily relate to the characters in this book, simply as they too are involved in various day-to-day activities as those outlined, but with the added joy of having a pet unicorn by their side. Ursula The Flying Unicorn helps the child familiarize the days of the week and also helps to understand the meaning of words used to describe the events of each day."

I have a few of the pages for you to check out below!

The author is Carmel Prasad and as she is brand new she hasn't got a blog or a website yet but you can contact her here and you can also buy her book on ebay.

If you woud like to meet her in person and get a signed copy you should head down to the Bondi Junction Village Market on Saturday (Waverley Council is hosting a "Play Day in the Mall" which will host activities and fun for parents and kids) where she will be selling copies of her book. I will be there as well so come and say hi :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank you Canberra

Saturday was quite fantastic. I had such a great day at Handmade market in Canberra. The crowds were amazing and people were just so lovely and friendly. Thank you everyone that came by for a chat or bought something (hope your little one loves it) - thanks for making the day so great.

I will definitely be back so I will see you all at the next one in December. I was going to walk around and take pictures of other stalls and chat to stall holders but it was crazy from the beginning so unfortunately I ran out of time. The only pics I have is from my own stall!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's photo shoot :)

Ok, it took a little longer than I anticipated but I am really happy with the result. Here are some photos from our little photo shoot today. My daughter and niece had a ball and looked gorgeous in my new dresses. I will bring them with me to Canberra on Saturday and on Monday I will list them in my shop. (ps. it is THE most gorgeous cotton voile - so soft and wonderful!)