Sunday, May 24, 2009

New kid on the block!

So this should be interesting. Will I get any followers of my brand new blog? The more important question is, will I keep anyone when I only post once a week?

I love stalking other bloggers but have had to have a little convincing about starting my own. When the blogs I follow don’t post for a few days I get withdrawal symptoms.

I always say that I am not a writer – I am a visual person, so don’t be surprised when my posts are mostly photos with a little line of text thrown in.

Ok, I am going to start this off on a high note. Most of you have probably already heard of Spoonflower but I still want to blog about them. How cool is it that you can just send off your designs and then in a few weeks make stuff with your own fabric?

Below is my first attempt. Even though we are inundated with Babushkas, I love them and wanted to have a few fresh faces out there. Some even made it on to my t-shirts for the market today.

I have more designs coming but I will show you when they are finished as I am not yet sure what they are going to look like, I keep changing patterns around daily.

Ok, signing off for today – hope to see you back again!


  1. Yay Melei!!
    This is going to be fab, so of course I will be following (any yes, getting withdrawal symptoms during the week awaiting the next post). Congrats to you on this, your inaugural post.
    Jen in Melbourne
    PS - I went to the Sonny and Coco market today and stallholder Finki commented that she liked my bracelet (yes, my Melei custom order original!!).

  2. Hey, Jennie! I love your clothes! I wish I had more girls to by the nice dresses for, but I can not wait until I giving away the shorts, hats and the other things to the twinboys.

  3. Hi Jennie,
    It's all looking great, I love your designs and wish you best of luck with the brand.

  4. Hi Jenny!

    Just a short hello from Sweden, were summer just arrived today..
    It's sad I never got a chance to see your stuff, I'm sure it's fantastic.
    Good luck with your blog!

    /Eva-Marie (who used to live in Baulkham Hills and go to the Swedish Mammagrupp in FiveWays.)

  5. Hi
    Now my boys are 8 and 9 but when they were younger, I missed some practical rain coats and pants. Ones that can just be hosed off and dried. It is difficult to find. Boys wants to get out and dig in the dirt even if it's raining.

    Kerstin Dunkin