Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mathilda's in Canberra

I am still alive :) I have been struggling with a bad back for a few weeks now but it is starting to get a bit better.

Very excited to be going to Canberra in a week and a half. I have never attended a market there so hopefully it will be great. I am also super excited to be visiting Shop Handmade for the first time. I always oogle over all the photos and oh-ing and ah-ing over all the handmade goodness.

I will be bringing a few new things to the market. I have made kaftans in a few new fabrics and some new tunic dresses and skirts with matching shirts. If you are in or near Canberra please come to Mathilda's market and have a look as I know for a fact that there is going to be heaps of gorgeous things for sale.


  1. Jennie, äslkar din tyger, speciellt det röda och det blå, jättefina. Lycka till på marknaden i Canberra och ha det så mysigt med man och barn. Kram Eva

  2. All the best for the market!

    I saw your stall at Bondi on the weekend and was about to come over and say hello when my 3 year old decided it would be a great time to throw himself on the ground screaming!! Needless to say, we left the market. Your stall looked gorgeous :)

  3. Yippee, how exciting!! Can't wait to see you Jennie & i'll have 1 or 2 helpers at the market, we'll see!! Two are horse riding & one might have a weekend in the country, so that leaves one, yippee. Chat soon & see you for a real life hug, love Posie

  4. Please keep heading south, plenty of Melbourne markets await you I promise!!

    Sorry to hear about your back, still causing you grief??

    Jen in Melbourne x

  5. Yeah, come to Melbourne so we can look at your lovely things in real life!

  6. I'll see you there!!!!! I love it at the hyatt


  7. I met you at a Bondi Market in April and you sent me a gorgeous dress to NZ. I'm going to send mu Mum, who lives in Canberra. Hope it goes well. Cait.