Monday, November 2, 2009

Mathilda's wrap up

Ok, I am going to start by saying thank you to everyone who came by my stall yesterday, I had an amazing morning. From the moment the doors opened to closing time it was full on and a lot of fun (the hall was boiling so that wasn't as great). Blogless Jasperboy Jen came all the way from Melbourne to say hi which was a huge surprise. Thank you so much for your help Jen during the morning, fixing my racks making sure sizes were in their right spots etc - you were great! For those of you who haven't met me you can now see what i look like as well (when i am hot and grinning). I am the blonde one.

My darling husband came along and helped me set up in the morning. Having an extra pair of hands was great and we were done at 8.30am. He took off and i had time to wander around and check out the other stall holders and their wonderful things. I ran into Mel from Skye Rocket Sews and checked out her beautiful Kokeshi dolls. Badskirt Amy was also there with her fab animals. You can see I just want to get in on every photo op!

Here's my new little set up for rings, bracelets etc. I was just so keen to use it. My husband told me it would just get trashed and I of course I knew he was right but I still wanted to give my little bedroom set a go. I was constantly there trying to fix it up but I lost in the end.



Thank you again and hopefully I will see some of you at Allie's Attic in two weeks time.


  1. Jasperboy Jen, I will just let you know that I spoke to Jennie on Sunday night and she told me that you came and visit her and it was not just that she sold very well that that day who made her really happy. That you took your time to come and say hello to her made her even happier! Jennie, you look so qute on the photo! Qute and happy, good on you!

  2. It was great to come and say hello Jen! I can't wait to put my little Z in the dress and hair clip I bought her.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Evas. I'm glad that Jennie was happy to see me, I was very happy to see her again too!!

    Jen - can you please put a big disclaimer under that photo that I can not be held responsible for shiny skin and limp, stringy hair when placed in an overly heated environment. I literally look like a wilting plant. It'd be funny if it wasn't me I'm laughing at!!! Also, why does my head look twice the size of yours?

    Jen in Melbourne

  4. hi jen and jen (from melb),

    so sad we could not make it this time! looks like a great day was had - even with the sweat pouring...reminiscent of a market we did a while back! we are having a bit of a hiatas at the moment with renovations and techonology woes (no computer, no internet). catch you guys next time. sorry i missed you both x

  5. Glad you had a good day at the markets. So sweet to see Jen in that photo - she pops up in the most unlikely places (or likely given her love of all things handmade)!


  6. Hi girls,
    Eva, thank you for the kind comments about my appearance, even though i don't quite agree with them, lol

    Jen, I don't know what you are talking about, you look great! Thank you again for visiting, you are a champion :)

    mum/toddler/babe, I am thrilled that you came and said hi (You should have introduced yourself as mum/toddler/babe and i would have known who you are. But I think i know anyway, did you tell me that you read my blog?) and i can't wait to see a little photo of your princess in the dress.

    Wynona (Ivy designs), It is a shame you couldn't come, i was looking forward to catching up a little more this time when i had help setting up but it will have to be at the next market!

    Rach, about Jen it's crazy isn't it, she really is popping up everywhere. She knew a few people at Mathilda's in Sydney. She even ran into her dentist!