Friday, November 6, 2009

Allie's Attic Launch Giveaway

I am thrilled to announce my very first giveaway on my own blog (had one over at Badskirt a while back). This one is in honour of the launch of Allie's Attic. They will have their first market at Hunters Hill on Saturday 14 November. I will be there and would love you to come and say hi.

I have three prizes so the odds of winning something should hopefully be a little better!

Prize one:
2 bracelets
2 rings
2 bobby pins
1 set of hair ties

Value $61

Prize two:
hair clip
hair ties

Value $34

Prize three:
hair ties
bobby pin

Value $14

Shipping is of course also included in the prize. All I would love you to do is to leave a comment telling me what you feel is missing in children's clothing at the moment.

The draw will be on Wednesday 11 November at 8pm (sydney time) so that if you come to Allie's Attic I can bring your prize with me :)


  1. generous giveaway! I suspect it's not fair for me to win but if it is, I will give prizes to my friend's little ones!

    What's missing? polo collar dresses! judging by my family photos, I grew up on them alone! come to think of it, they are missing in adult clohtes too!

  2. Awesome giveaway!

    Sleeveless hooded vests! I have a few myself but my daughter ony has one. I cant seem to find many around!


  3. Wow! (My fingers are crossed)

    Skorts!!! - I love all things pretty, and there is nothing sweeter than a little skirt that are actually shorts.


  4. 1. Little boys jewellery - boys seem to lose out when it comes to having rings and necklaces etc, it's girly or nothing.

    2.We need more pretty girly dresses - that don't need ironing, just wash and wear.

    3. Size 1 undies - this is something that desperately needs to come onto the kids clothing scene.

  5. I would love to have clothes for kids that are not tight around the waist a little more generous elastic so they don't leave a mark. Most are so tight!

  6. i am sick to death of seeing shop after shop after shop after shop of girls clothes!
    i searched online for days and days trying to find my son something to wear for his first birthday and came up with nothing!

    having 2 boys this really gets me down

    there is a HUGE hole in the market in boys clothes!!!!
    i jsut wish i knew how to sew to fill that hole!

  7. Fantastic giveaway! I walked into a department store on the weekend and all the clothes were pink. I would like to see more exciting colours for girls. Simple dresses with 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves for the summer so no need to apply blockout. Comfortable hats that stay on.
    Beachbabe Lizzy

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  9. It would have to be the support of good ol' Aussie handmade products designed and made right here in Australia.
    I think we have come a long way but we need to do more to support our Aussie talent. We all spend so much in the department stores on our kids fashion and toys. If we could set a small amount aside each month to buy 1 product from our Aussie friends we would be helping our economy as well as the small Aussie businesses. Everything is made with such love and the quality cannot be matched. Support handmade :)
    Everything we are looking for IS infact out there thanks to people like Allie who are creating the environment for these lovely people to showcase their talent. Well done!

  10. I don't like all the clothes that have too much fuss. I just love simple designs with beautiful fabrics.

  11. I had one of your bracelet today and my friend at work loved it! So good! Now I know what to buy her for x-mas (-:

    Eva xx

  12. Hello lovely - what a great give-away!
    Fingers crossed one of those generous packages will adorn Isabella in the near future!! :)

    I am missing fun pants for Isabella - you know, comfortable, girly and still fit for a good run around the park! Elastic waist - wide leg - cool for summer and practical for daycare..
    Also missing, casual but quirky shirts & shorts for boys - nothing too over-designed and complicated. Just some nice comfortable designs fit for Sydney weather, and that won't embarrass Oscar yet give a little oomph to his wardrobe..
    xx Charlotta

  13. Love to win one of these! Boys are really missing out on decent versatile outfits. Love to see more of that, particularly since your dresses can be used as dresses and then tops once the girls grow.

  14. Oh, what a lovely prizes! Count me in!!!

    I think nice hats for both boys and girls. There are lot of them in the shops but they are all from the same fabrics and some of them not even cotton!