Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Bondi this weekend either

I will have to miss the market again this week. I am getting better so I will definitely be there next week on 18 October (unless it's crazy windy and raining).

I am also trying to get ready for Mathilda's Market and will share some stuff with you soon.

Good night :)


  1. get better soon and will catch up with you at mathildas! xx

  2. You really are having a rough time :(
    Feel better soon and enjoy any crafting time that you can.

    Thinking of you.

    Jen in Melbourne

  3. So glad you're better!
    Might pop down and see you at Bondi.

    We're also better, but not enjoying this weather!
    Is more like Swedish October than Sydney October..


    P.S. Om du har haft tid att gora fardigt Isabella's klanning sa kan jag hamta den en dag efter skollovet. Om du inte har haft tid sa stressa inte. Vi tar det efter Mathilda.. xx