Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The flower and the animals

I love my two children to bits, but if there was some way we could all live together without them actually having to come into contact with each other - ever - then life would be much easier. To say they're apples and oranges isn't even close. Apples and oranges are at least part of the same food group. My little angels are more like ice-cream and steak. They honestly seem to delight in their conflict with each other. Things like 'Mum, he's putting his foot on my side of the couch' and 'She's touching the door to my room' are delivered with a look of smug satisfaction that says 'I know I'm a whinging little dibber-dobber, but you usually side with whoever comes whining to you, so feel free to punish my brother/sister.'

Anyway, last sunday, they miraculously decided to collaborate on a 'secret craft project' while my husband and I watched the rugby league grand final on tv. Every time I heard a noise from the room where they were working, I found myself tensing in anticipation of the resumption of hostilities that was sure to follow. To my great relief and surprise, the project continued without incident. Finally the door opened, and out they came, smiles on their faces, and not a bruise, cut or scratch to be seen.

This was the fruit of their labours. As you can see below, it was imaginatively titled 'The flower and the animals'. Isn't it beautiful?

It might just be some cardboard and material stuck on butcher's paper to you, but to me it's a symbol of hope that the fragile, hour-long sibling alliance that produced it, could one day grow into something more. Even apples and oranges would be a start...

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