Monday, July 6, 2009


I had an amazing day at Mathilda's Market yesterday. Four hours of fun madness! Even though it was great that the morning was fast and furious it was also a shame as i didn't get time to walk around and chat to other stall holders. I managed a quick hello to Wynona from Ivy Design in the morning before setup and she managed a quick hello at my stall right at the end. Apart from the lovely woman next to me (blogless) I didn't have time to talk to anyone else. As you can see from the photos my fabulous son helped me for the day. He was a champion at putting items in bags and I wouldn't have managed so well without him.


  1. Please share more!!! Did you have lots of sales? Did you give out lots of business cards? Would you do it again? What are your next market plans other than Bondi?

    Did you package turn up??

    I need you to satisfy my curiosity.....

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. Lol, yes I had heaps of sales, it really blew me away actually. I had 250 business cards and 20 fridge magnets and they ran out 40 minutes before it was over (will bring 500 next time). I will definitely do it again and no my package didn't turn up yet :( I will post a little bit more from now on I have just been so caught up in making stuff for Mathildas.

  3. Hi Jennie! Wow, its looks very good Jennie! You are a STAR! I wish I had half of the energy that you have.

    Can´t wait to give the twins the shorts and t-shirts from you.

    Take care and I see you on Friday.

    Eva xxx