Friday, July 24, 2009

I must be in some sort of a twilight zone...

After the last post and complaining that cooking is not my thing, I have been very energetic with the children in the kitchen. The truth is they absolutely love everything that has to do with cooking, but I always feel so stressed about it. When I get home from work they immediately ask me what's for dinner and I have to get started straight away. The last thing i want to do then is to be teaching them things - it has to be quick and easy with minimal mess.

Yes, some of you are thinking that my approach is rubbish, they can't possibly learn anything if i don't teach them. You are absolutely right! I have come to that realisation as well and have decied to take some time to cook with them. You know, they really prefer cooking compared to some expensive outing so it could be a money saver as well.

Last week we made cupcakes - yes, they were from a packet but it's a start! They couldn't agree if they were to be vanilla or chocolate so we did both and after some serious decorating we have the fantastic results below.

Today when i asked if they wanted to cook dinner they just screamed with happiness (made me feel a bit guilty for not doing it more). I told them it had to be something that they would eat. They decided on Indian chicken with rice and corn on the cob. With a fancy chocolate dessert.
Unfortunately i forgot to take a photo and it looked pretty impressive as well. They used a small rectangular container to shape the rice to create a 'fancy' sort of look. They were so proud of their efforts - and rightly so, it was great! We made chocolate mousse - from scratch! No premade stuff in sight. It was delish! This is the recipe that I followed. (I agree with comments that you can leave sugar out, even though I hadn't made it before I decided to only use half of the sugar. I could have added no sugar and it would have been perfect.)

I have done very little sewing this week, I am so behind on certain things. I think when you just go go go you can't keep it up forever. I'll get back to it though (in about 30 minutes actually) I have to finish a couple of orders.


  1. Okay, okay...... I've held off from commenting for as long as I can. You must get sick of me always rushing in first.....

    Anyway, all I wanted to say was a vanilla one for me please :)

    Jen in Melbourne
    (Brrrrr Canberra)

  2. Jen, you had me worried there for a while, thought i'd lost the only comment giver that i have! Nice to hear from you :)