Sunday, June 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement!

Shock horror! I’ve just found out that Pad Thai contains more fat than a pizza!,27574,25630150-36398,00.html

Here I was thinking I was being health conscious by ordering my fave Thai dish when I could have been chowing down on some Pizza Hut goodness instead. All this time I thought that Thai people were generally so small and thin due to all the healthy Thai food they ate. Obviously they prefer pizza…


  1. Mmmmmmm.....I could go some pizza now come to mention it!! I hope you had a great market day.

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. I'm a chicken panang fan at Thai restaurants. If you're ever grabbing dinner in Bondi after a market, I quite like ThaiTerrific on Curlewis St. It's a sit-down, so a bit more expensive than a take-away Thai in the Box sort of thing, but so good.

  3. Oj då, det visste jag inte. Nu är ju inte Thaimat min allra bästa matsort, men ibland så. Hoppas du kan häng på Onsdagen den 1 Juli, det ser ut som om att vi kommer att gå till Svens, även fast dom inte har kaffe där...
    Är det nu till helgen ni åker iväg?