Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am starting to get worried.

For the last week or so I was going to show my new fabrics that I have bought but it has not turned up yet. I bought it from USA on 29 May and I am starting to think it is not going to turn up. Should I be worried at this stage? I have bought tons of fabric from the States and the most it has ever been is 2 weeks and now I am a couple of days over that.

I am keeping my fingers x and trying to be the 'glass half full' kind of girl! Feel free to tell me that I have nothing to worry about :)

I am in the middle of pinning. I don't like pinning much and I am trying to get away from it. (staring at keyboard thinking of what else to write, coming up with nothing) Ok, back to pinning...


  1. Gumman jag som inte har någon erfarenhet av detta med att skicka efter tyger, kan tyvärr inte säga att du inte behöver oroa dig.

    Hade tänkt ta med mig Kia till marknaden på Söndag, men 1, hon åker till stugan och 2, Anette med familj och Annica med familj kommer på lunch så det finns ingen tid.

    Sköt om dig. Håller tummarna at tyget kommer.

    Kram Eva
    p.s. Du hänger väl på den 1 Juli? d.s.

  2. Hiya,

    Yeah, it is nerve wracking waiting for a parcel to arrive. I am a fairly regular on-line purchaser and one loss thus far. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow morning and then you have something to share with us over the weekend. :)

    Jen in Melbourne

    PS - Will have to be getting myself a swedish dictionary very soon!!

  3. My first order from the states took three months! I'm not kidding either. It's been between 2 weeks and 2 month since then depending how much I've ordered. I'm eagerly awaiting and order too! I'm hoping for tomorrow. Like the other Jen, I'm lost on the Swedish!

  4. Amy, when it took that long to arrive did you have it sent via air? I too have had a parcel take a few months but that came via boat so i knew that was going to take a while. I am really hoping for tomorrow. Fingers x for you as well.

    Ps. My friend is telling me (in Swedish) that she can't come and visit this sunday at the markets and checking on me if i am coming to dinner in a week or so. Not too much excitement there, lol.

  5. chin up! It will come. ad just think of how much more you will enjoy it when it arrives...
    looking forward to seeing it!