Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making new dresses look good

Here my daughter is (in her own special style) modelling a couple of my halterneck dresses in some of the new fabrics that i have bought. I must say she makes them look good.... thank you my gorgeous girl!

If you neeeeeed one of them you can find them (and me) at Mathilda's Market at Moore Park on Saturday. We will be there between 9am-1pm. Hope to see you there :)

Oh forgot to tell you that i have now added size 10 & 12 to my halterneck dresses and my kaftans. I am frequently getting asked to do bigger sizes so i am quite excited about this.


  1. Hello there my dear! Long time?! I have started blogging again - come and visit. Would love to hear your news x

  2. Those are the absolute cutest!!!