Friday, August 13, 2010

The tiniest little sneak peak

I know I am very stingy with my sneak peak but hopefully it will make you all the more curious to come back and see the finished product ;)

I haven't been blogging much but have been super busy working on a new something (sneak peak below). I want to say thank you to all the lovely people that i met at Mathilda's last weekend. I had a wonderful time. My gorgeous son was there with me as always and he is such a great help. Thank you Liam!

Thank you to everyone that has been emailing me asking about products (as my shop is painfully empty) I am now going to spend the next couple of days adding things. You can of course still email me regarding sizes etc.

Ok, back to work :)


  1. Gorgeous fabric- Can't wait to see what you are doing. Cx

  2. Oh only good things can come from those bolts of fabric. Hello to Liam, love Posie

  3. I can't wait to see how you work your magic with these beautiful fabrics...loving that white one!!!! Hi to Liam - such a good boy! x

  4. Thanks girls, it took a while but they are finally finished!