Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mathilda's wrap up

I was going to put a photo of me and my son here but I looked just too...not sure what but not good, lol. Instead here's a pic of my beautiful son, he was such an amazing help on the day. I was having trouble getting a signal for my eftpos machine a few times and when it was declined my son went outside the building with the customer and it worked. He loves helping out and I love getting the help :)

Thank you everyone that came by and said hi, and to everyone that bought something, I hope you love it! This time I didn't have time to walk around to say hi to everyone. I got there really late and was not set up until just before 9am. I managed a quick hello to Katia, Lisa, Rebecca and Wynona before the market started. Then I had Virginia from mum/toddler/babe come by and say hi, which was lovely (I love meeting the people behind the blogs) as well as Sarah for a superquick chat. I hope I haven't missed anyone, it was pretty hectic on the day.

I made just a couple of purchases because i didn't have time to check out all the goodies. We bought two Sweetie Petite doll kits from Lisa and one of them will be going to a good home on Sunday - my son is going to a friend's birthday party.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I just love the clothes you make and the energy you have to do the markets, please pass some my way!
    I happened upon you as you posted above my post at clare's craftroom blog and I'm nosy so here I am. Anyway I wanted to ask you about your Blythe in your blog banner and if you are a collector as I am, and know a few girls from Sydney and of course many from Flickr.

  2. hi there

    wasn't it a great market and what a handsome helper you have there! would love to have one of mine big enough to come out and help me!!!! this pregnant lady didn't even get a toilet break it was busy and I didn't even make it around to your stall! but glad you saw katia