Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back in action

Ok, I haven't really been on holiday for this long, just got a little lazy when I got back. Did go to Bondi market on Sunday. Was a good day but super sticky and hot. Most people were at the beach (don't blame them) but there were a few people browsing the market.

I have finally put a few things in my shop (more to be added during the week) and halterneck dresses are on sale at the moment. I only have a handful so if you want one go there now, lol.

Had a wonderful holiday with my family. We went to Tasmania, Gold Coast and Canberra. First one was beautiful, second one was hot and relaxing and the third one was really interesting (Questacon and War Memorial). My family have now gone back to Sweden and -18c! It took my mum 2 hours to dig the car out (she'd been away for 6 weeks).

I will get a few snapshots from the holiday organised in the next couple of days.

Good to be back :)

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