Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am a bit overwhelmed...with my new purchase of a second hand overlock machine. In the past I have been able to borrow one from a friend from time to time but the thread has always been done already. I caught up with my darling neighbour the other day and she said i could buy her second hand one as she has only used it for about 4 hours. I bought a downloadable manual from the net and here we are. 8!!! pages for the instructions on how to thread the thing (i kid you not, eight pages!). Ok wish me luck. I will time it...


...and to think that it 'only' took me 32 minutes to do it, lol! After working on the thread tension it was close to an hour. The thread is old and brittle so tomorrow, after buying new thread, I have to do it all again. Hoping to shave 2 minutes off the time, hehe


  1. My best friend would love an overlocker! I'd buy one for her but I think they're expensive??

    Jen in Melbourne

  2. Hey Jen, so great to hear from you, i have missed you :)

    Yes, they are normally pretty expensive (some of the ones that i have looked at anyway) but i got to buy this one for $100 so i was stoked. Maybe check out ebay and Trading post and you could find a pretty good bargain. xxx

  3. Breaking sweat just looking at this - I so empathize with you!
    I am known for my aversion to manuals and instructions - actually any written guides.. Am a doer!

    Be strong (or drink something strong..) and you'll get through this!!