Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sakura attack!

I recently bought a bunch of sakura fabric to make some cushions for Freya's bed. Think I went overboard?! She was thrilled though so all is good. Freya was in desperate need for a new bed (remember old bed not that long ago?) and I bought some new lovely white pin tuck bedlinen at the same time. I needed some colour to brighten things up a little and ... here we are.

There are just a few easy steps

Step one: Buy cheap and ugly cushions from Kmart (on sale $2.50)

Step two: Take out the inserts and discard covers, cut in half if you need a smaller cushion

Step three: Get super talented Amy from Badskirt to make custom hippos to match decor

Step four: Get daughter to name said hippos. Blue is Charlie (girl) and black is Sarah

Step five: Get another super talented gal - Alicia from Stockholm Moose - to make a custom lamp.

Step six: Buy a fab bedside table at Bondi Markets to go with the new bed

Step seven: Show your daughter who is delighted but immediately re-arranges the pillows to the end of the bed and declares that she has made "a celebration!"


  1. Du ar SA duktig!!
    Det blev ju jatte fint!
    Gillar aven vingarna over sangen. Vart har du kopt dom?

  2. Jag håller med dig Charlotta, det blev superfint!
    Kram Eva